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Film: 'Private Equity Masters'

Our task was to enable Dunedin to attract more high calibre investee candidates to the firm and to demonstrate to investors the quality and integrity of the firm's investment work.

Video branding and explainer suite for one the UK's leading midcap private equity firms

We were asked to make a complete suite of 17 corporate videos for use on the client’s home page, core services pages and executive profile pages. Filming spanned 2 locations over 2 days in London and Edinburgh and we produced 17 corporate deliveries, plus approximately 40 social media clips, making a magnificent total of approximately 57 videos from 2 days work!


For this project, we needed to ensure that we revealed the firm in its depth and character in very short duration pieces, which meant extremely economical use of language on the part of the recipients and therefore a high-calibre of interview skills for this piece of work was essential.

Although there was a clear consensus within the firm and their brand and ethos was consistent, our key responsibility was to effectively extract that and almost redefine it as the interviews unfolded.

Our task was to enable Dunedin to attract more high calibre investee candidates to the firm and to demonstrate to investors the quality and integrity of the firm’s investment work.


This project kicked off with us assisting in shaping the brief and advising on the approach that might be taken with capital and regional cities, and their representation nationally within the UK.

We then filmed 2 long days, 1 in the London Office and 1 in the Edinburgh office. 16 of the films being interviews and we worked closely with the Marketing Manager, whose very detailed brief helped immensely in making it possible to cover all of the topics in the fastest possible time.

B-roll footage of both offices in action was completed also, and this essentially captured the hustle and bustle of the conversations, meetings, huddles, thoughtful and reflective moments, on screen work, phone calls, arrivals and departures. Just a normal day in the office!

We also sourced a great deal of B-roll footage from relevant industry sectors and filtered these for the most authentic and documentary style aesthetic, thereby filtering out any slick corporate expensive looking shots so that we could maintain a clear documentary style.


Video branding and explainer suite for one the UK's leading midcap private equity firms


17 on time, on budget video’s which the client deployed onto their website. In addition, we filmed extra material for use in 2018, even though there wasn’t budget for the production of these videos, we slipped in the interviews so that further works could be released throughout the course of the following year along with the social media clips.

Needless to say, our client was delighted by both the quality and the quantity of the pieces we produced.Here are a few of our own learnings from the making of suite of explainer videos. Hopefully they can help you prepare for your next production.

"Marketing Films helped us reach new investors by explaining a complex proposition simply. Wonderful work. Lead by Tim, their team delivered broadcast quality to our urgent timescales and on budget. Superb results."

Waseem Shiraz, Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing

"It’s easy to find someone who can use a video camera. We struggled to find the skills to get beautiful shots which looked professional not gimmicky and the help to efficiently tell our story – and affordably. But then we found Marketing Films. We loved working with Tim – and got a great video which tells our story quickly, efficiently – and beautifully."

Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge

"I would highly recommend Marketing Films. We’ve been working together on video project for NVM Private Equity and they've succeeded in bringing our company to life. Financial services is perceived as a very dull subject, but they have injected creativity, stylishness and successfully shown the real world of business investment. They've shown that it’s not just about the numbers, but the people working hard to make it all work. They're passionate about what they do and extremely enthusiastic. They have this amazing talent at transforming the most wooden interviewee into a natural."

Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge




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