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Engineering Video Production

The good news for engineering firms is that engineering tends to be visual. Whether you’re a civil engineering firm or an electrical engineering firm. Innovative and aesthetically attractive design features shine through when it comes to film.

Technical industries require specific equipment, knowledge and certification. That’s what makes them a little trickier to produce. Tricky, not impossible.

When you have been in this game as long as we have, you build your knowledge of specific industries and employ specialists to do the things that you can’t. People love before and after style videos. We all love a shabby start and a shiny ending, don’t we? Your audience is no different than any other.

Don’t be under the mistaken impression that engineering videos can’t be anything other than boring. Quite the contrary is true. Engineering firms have overlooked this valuable marketing source for too long. We always like to back these bold statements up with some good solid fact, so here goes….

Businesses using video marketing grow their businesses 49% faster year-on-year that businesses that don’t make use of video.

Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increased click through rate.

It’s a digital world, marketing has changed. Engineering firms are slowly beginning to move with the times and appreciate what an engineering video can do for their business in 2019 and beyond.