Internal Communication Video: Improve teamwork and motivation

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Build your culture

If you have distributed teams, it maybe hard to manage company ethos and culture. Video makes it easier to connect with them.

Internal Communications Video

Need to communicate effectively with your staff? Perhaps you need to relay an announcement or bad news even. An internal communications video does it better than you. Yes really, it’s a fact. Video allows you to get your point across in less time.

By planning your communication video, you sit down, list key points and write a narrative that completely suits the news or information you want to impart. You aren’t tempted to add bits in or elaborate on things that perhaps shouldn’t be elaborated on. Showing a company video gets all of those key points across in the manner your staff understands. In most cases they’ll appreciate the time it’s taken to put together. Producing an internal company video shows staff that you really do care.

An effective internal communication video has various benefits, for both your organisation and your employees. It has been found that high levels of engagement boosts productivity, improves morale, and creates a better environment at work.

Video often becomes the internal communication path of least resistance. In some situations, it’s way easier to record yourself talking through a problem in front of a camera than to find the precise words to put into an email. Staff begin to have fun with the whole thing too, and it becomes a normal part of communication within companies.

Sure, you’ll have to get over your fear of speaking to yourself, then again perhaps you like the sound of your own voice. You can get people in to speak for you, but nothing communicates that you care, than doing it yourself.