Social Prospecting: harvesting new qualified leads

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Social Prospecting

So, what is social prospecting?

Simply put, it’s using social media and other online networks to find targeted prospects and leads that convert.

Using social prospecting does not mean adopting a scatter-gun approach in the hope of hitting a target or two. For one thing, even the ones you do manage to hit probably won’t be up to all that much and you’ll decide that you were indeed right all along….social media is a waste of time. But social prospecting can lead to great things. For a start, you’ll be engaging with prospects in real time. The hook in your video campaign is what flickers their interest, now all you have to do is to reel them in whilst they are still warm and convert that interest into an actual sale.

If you take a strategic approach to social prospecting, it might well change your view of online marketing. Of course, in essence, it’s selling with another coat on. The cool leather one that everyone admires so much.

So, forget about your fear of trying something completely different, or your fear of technology.  Fear is for other people, the ones without the foresight to see that digital is where it’s at right now. You’ll be rewarded with more leads, target one’s, more sales and a much wider audience. It’s time to start spreading the word.