Testimonial Video Production: Buyers love Hard Proof

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Build your case

Testimonial videos show your audience that what you do is what they want.

Testimonial Video Production

What better way to show your audience how amazing you are? You know it, your client knows it, so why not shout about it so that the wider audience can see it too? There’s nothing wrong with a little testimonial marketing, in fact it’s an effective form of showcasing your company speciality and at the same time showing it off in the most authentic way.

Audiences relate to real experiences. They get that, they can see what you do already, now they get to see how well you do it.

The less scripted you can make these videos the better. A good director will let a testimonial video take its own course to a point. Audiences can spot a scripted contrived effort a mile off, and that makes them switch off before you’ve even got to the good bit.

Wouldn’t we all like to see real life evidence of a service we are contemplating? Taking the plunge isn’t half so scary when we can see someone else has done it and they’re even prepared to go on camera to say how happy they are with the service you provided.

Let’s face it, you know what a great job you do. Isn’t it about time that everyone else know it too? A testimonial video shows your audience that you are confident in what you do. They can be assured that you are the guys for the job. They thought you probably were, now they know you are. That potential lead has moved onto a sale in double quick time.