Video Sales Prospecting: Turbo-charge your sales effort

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Build your lead pool

Video prospecting delivers motivated leads right into your inbox.

Video Sales Prospecting

Delete, delete, delete…that’s what we do on and off throughout the day. One boring email after another. But wait, here’s one with a video attached and it’s personally addressed to you. You sit up and notice. This company must be creative, innovative and forward-thinking. You open the email, you watch the video, you might just connect with them.

Using video prospecting to reach out to potential customers means you'll be able to engage with them in a way that you simply wouldn't be able to in black and white.

Video is set to account for 82% of all internet traffic. Why? For no other reason other than video is more engaging. Let’s face it, some of us have short attention spans. Video prospecting means that you are able to grab that initial fleeting moment of engagement and run with it.

CTA -  it’s a competitive market. Give yourself the edge and capture those all-important prospects with a video campaign.