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When it comes to financial services and specifically Private Equity, there is no better way to reach out than through video marketing. With the negative perception out there about PE, a good video should not only inform and educate but should also bring out the uniqueness of your firm.

According to a study by Axxon Research, 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. However, for your videos to have such an impact, it's best that they bring out the personality of your firm in an informative and interesting way. And there is no better way to achieve this than to engage an interviewer who knows the questions to ask and how to ask them.

When commissioning a corporate video, you may consider commissioning a journalistic interviewer, one with deep sector knowledge. An interviewer holds the capacity to veer the direction of your interview to what is beneficial for the investor, investee and your company. A corporate video is completely different from a promotional video, so it is important that the interviewer be fully informed, smart and intelligent.

A promotional video sounds too “sale-sy”, superficial and too floral to believe in, whereas a corporate video, especially for a PE/VC or a financial firm needs to be believable, authentic and something that the audience can relate to and accept as true. Essentially, for a corporate video for financial firms, you may consider an interviewer who has the ability to extract the best. He must have predisposition to journalism as a basic inbuilt characteristic. Along with being technical, the interviewer should also be highly creative.

A good interviewer will work not just on the looks of your interview to make it look meaty, but also on the feel of what you want to be discovered and unveiled. He should be well aware of the financial sector so that he can ask relevant questions; information about various FCA regulations and the financial sector regulations in other European, American and Asian countries.

In order to portray what your PE/VC firm wants to showcase about itself, the intelligent interviewer has the capability to ask more of open-ended questions-questions that bring out the heart and soul of your company and let the interviewee answer what the audience wants to listen to. The smart investor will capture the extract of the video and use it to make informed decisions.

A good interviewer will take the control buttons in his hands and direct the way questions are being answered, so that your story is weaved in a beautiful, believable pattern and the end results are what your company truly wants. He will be able to ask questions broaching different subjects and unravelling answers that the audience might be looking for. He will make the conversation flow and then circle back to the original line of questioning.

A smart interviewer also has the know-how to use the STAR technique of interviewing, which will help the interviewee to prove the competency of your firm. This technique will let the audience know how the situations were handled by you in the past and what can be expected of you in the future.

He will ask the interviewee about the Situation that you were in where a particular competency was required, what the exact Task at hand was, what Actions were taken to handle the situation and the task and what the end Result was. This technique will bring the specific skills and strong areas of your company to the forefront and will let the audience see, on the basis of real-life situations, where your company stands.

Therefore, it becomes apparent that the destiny of a corporate video that your company may perhaps commission lies as much in the hands of the interviewer as in that of the interviewee and your company. It is the interviewer who has the capability to tarnish the image of your company or increase the brand visibility of your company. On the basis of what the audience perceives from the interview, your company, specifically a PE/VC firm, projects its image.

If you this is your first time preparing a corporate video, visit our portfolio of videos to get a grasp of what a good video should be like. Feel free to contact us for help.




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