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Financial audiences are unusual. Financial buyers are interested, patient and hungry for process and proof. So wouldn't it be helpful to feed their behaviours?s

Financial Video Audiences

Knowing what to say and how to say it is important when it comes to producing content for the financial sector. That’s why we ask the right questions during post-production and filming.

It’s useful to know how your audience watches video and how your content is likely to influence decision makers. Financial audiences have slightly different characteristics than general B2B audiences.

A Safer Way

Unlike many video production companies working for the financial sector, we always work with the knowledge of FCA guidelines that we have to produce compliant content. We keep up to date too. We know that regulations change and we make sure we have real-time information.

Financial audiences are also confident in the way that they choose and buy. They aren’t scared of pitches and they are well practiced when it comes to listening to your USP. They’ll take time to consider your pitch, dwelling longer on pages, soaking up all of the information. Rich content helps them make an informed decision.

The Future of Marketing

Video is the future of content marketing in financial services. Good storytelling makes for good video content. Stories are what engage audiences and they also make them more likely to share that content.

Financial service providers in particular, have the ability to engage from the start. Who doesn’t want to know how to make more money?

When launching a financial video marketing campaign, it’s important to take your user demographic into account. Campaigns should be crafted around the end goal.

Creative Storytelling Compels Financial Audiences

Making entertaining content, that is also valuable to viewers is the challenge. Financial audiences are generally looking for information on a topic they already know quite a bit about. They are looking for validation and clarity from the experts.

We create valuable content through visual storytelling. It’s just as important, if not more so when working with financial audiences, giving the message that really matters to them in an innovative and engaging manner.

Making entertaining content, that is also valuable to your target audience is the challenge. Financial audiences are generally looking for




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For persuading your audience directly from your place of work



For steadily building your brand engagement and lead flow


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