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You're re-branding, and how you look matters. It's hard to find high quality video producers. You've tried. Imagine if you could find TV people to film you.

Exceptional Corporate Video

We bring three hard-to-find elements to your corporate video: broadcast production values, innovative narrative formats and visual creativity.

Most of our team have a background in broadcasting so we are well placed to help you plan and execute your video campaign.

Experience has shown us that agile organisation from the get-go, helps deliver you a top quality production right through to project completion.

Production Quality

Broadcast quality doesn't just come with good cameras, sympathetic lighting or good sound. It's much more than the tech - it's about investing in the topics, asking the right questions, it's about emotion and using the tech to support these empathetically.

Empathy is generated by the use of natural light and tone. In essence, production quality comes from good planning, truly understanding the narrative flow and co-ordinating each facet of the film; such as composition, message and brand values.

We understand how B-roll (illustration footage) is best cut to illustrate the A roll (interview), because we've been doing it for broadcast. Keeping visual variety high ensures that the eye is engaged throughout, and knowing how to create drama with ‘Before and After’elements or ‘Challenge and Solution’ helps keep audiences engaged and watching until the end.

Broadcast Quality Editing

Value is added to our video productions with broadcast quality editors who are well versed in the art of illustrating either the interview footage or the voiceovers in a way which extends and deepens content value. This brings greater audience engagement and with that comes more sharing, helping you to optimise engagement and convert leads into sales.

It’s often assumed that long films are more effective but actually, that's not always the case and much depends on your goals. According to a recent survey, viewer attention spans are short. We produce high-quality content that's informative, creative, dynamic and sets you apart from the rest. Whether its short soundbites for social media campaigns or your brand story, we'll bring it to life.





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