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If there is an industry that PE firms should derive marketing lessons from, it is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sector.

If there is an industry that PE firms should derive marketing lessons from, it is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sector. In 2017 alone, a report by venture capital fund, Fabric Ventures, and crypto’s data provider, TokenData, shows that startups raised $5.6 billion through the ICOs. The explosive growth of the blockchain driven form of startup financing has emerged as a significant threat to venture capital with analysts warning of the potential of the technology to overtake the VC industry.

However, as it is becoming evident, the value of the ICO sector has been overhyped thanks to what a report by Credit Suisse terms as irrational exuberance. The robust growth of the ICO method of startup financing has been more as a result of investor enthusiasm driven by high-level marketing rather than the fundamentals of the technology.

One common thing among the ICOs that have managed to raise millions of dollars in financing is the application of strategic video marketing to lure investors. Amazingly, some ICOs have even been able to raise the millions with just a video and a website. If you are looking to take the advantage of the immense power of strategic video marketing as applied by top ICOs to boost the growth of your PE firm, here are some tips.

Be friendly and yet professional.

You can promote your PE business in an informative and fun way with a video commercial to give the viewer a catchy and detailed insight into what PE is all about. Sadly, most PE videos out there are not interesting or catchy enough, so they lack the ‘trust’ or friendliness all investors or investees want to see. When you want to properly promote your PE firm, just pinpoint the ‘driving idea' or look up to successful PE established firms – that is exactly what your audience needs!. Show that you and your employees love the PE work and show the determination of achieving success. So the less formal your approach – the more approachable you are to new clients and growing businesses.

Focus on how the investor will benefit.

It’s a no-brainer, if you compare a text section to a video it’s clear what is a more amusing way for updating your audience of news, work methods, goals and expertise of the PE. Since video is such a unique promotional option for the PE, try to relax and focus on HOW the video is filmed and produced. This ‘HOW’ means how you approach the viewer; imagine potential clients in front of you, maintain a warm tone, friendliness, openness and simply ‘be there’ to reassure the audience that you care, that you would like them on board with you. Without a warm approach, efforts could be futile, so try your best to be ‘people oriented’ as well as business oriented.

Bring out the unique you.

Your PE firm will gain great reputation with a few unique and warm-tone videos. Simply said, this is a modest, modern and a creative video that attracts investments. Your PE business will grow when you present the work ethics and your personality in a relaxed, confident way. After all, being less ‘strict and cold’ is relaxed, right? When you see yourself in a video speaking with a warm tone of voice, your viewers will see you as an honest person, as someone conscious of what growing businesses need, and that is trust along finances.

You can't go wrong with a simple, fun and unique video – thus the PE will gather more interested clients simply through your friendly approach. It is not just about you; also you need flexibility on behalf of your team to have a masterpiece video that will ‘tease' potential clients even more. Those potential clients will crave to know if you'll be their business support.

So, instead of choosing the old-fashioned ‘rigid’ appearance, switch to’ relaxed’ while you still keep your eye on the PE goals. Feel free to show off the values and professionalism in your PE video, be fun, engaging, don’t hold back on traits and you already increase your firm’s reputation. Think of this as a documentary that affirms a PE business with clarity, straight to the point without boasting – easy as that! This is the ‘brand messaging’ or gaining trust.

Define the focus of your campaign.

In case you are oriented toward lead generation website and not an affirmation website, choose the actionable messaging videos. This is great when your audience is unfamiliar with your work and wants to discover more through original offers and attractive promotions, quick and easy as a ‘teaser’ hook for starters.

Majority of viewers truly trust videos that look like documentaries. Why? Well, documentary-videos are based on facts and evidence, so they have no fluff and filler content. Even better, choose to have micro-documentary posts on your social media or website to pack the best traits and skills your investors/investees love to see in a nutshell. This is why renowned video-producers for PE work with their best talents to make a video worth watching and to make your viewers ‘hooked’ to contact you.

As two main promotion ways or pillars, think of the analogy ‘bricks and feathers'. You will surely get more clients with unique and modern videos and audios on your website. These posts are all backed up by detailed research to convey ‘trust and the security' a client needs. Simply put, a client needs to trust you when it comes to finances and investments. You can also choose a simpler and more casual promotion with video blog posts, same HQ, and uniqueness. This way you communicate to your audience more often, keep them updated on a regular basis through friendly post reminders that pop up once in a while.

Such few-minutes posts catch the PE core point, and this shows up on the news feed and timeline of the audience. As a rule of thumb, by ‘being in the viewer’s shoes’ you can easily guess what would you as investor/investee want to hear. The success of a PE firm is in the visual and catchy video – how else can clients be attracted otherwise?




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