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There is one fundamental characteristic that makes top PE firms stand out from the crowd – they know more about their space than anyone else, and they can prove it constantly.

There is one fundamental characteristic that makes top PE firms stand out from the crowd – they know more about their space than anyone else, and they can prove it constantly. You may have the best team and resources in the industry, but until you get your story out there and narrate it consistently, people are not interested.

While there is no doubt that video is the most effective marketing tool for financial services, in sophisticated ventures such as PE, it is not just about advert filming. Effective PE video marketing strategy is very much about showcasing talent by providing industry insights and being the first to give an opinion on emerging industry issues.

Consequently, you and your team must be aware of the latest trends in the sector and must be ready to get into the target market shoes to understand the type of information that makes potential investors tick.

Moreover, PE clients are hungry for actionable information meaning that it is only prudent that you embrace data and analytics in your video content and provide forecasts that will create interest and open up conversations. Remember that the goal is to present your brand as an authority and therefore it is essential that your voice is heard consistently to enhance brand consistency.

Reaching out to the Mass Affluent.

With the PE industry opening up to the mass affluent, it is no longer business as usual. The needs of this market are entirely different from those of HNWI's and institutional investors, and therefore you will need to understand them to be able to structure marketing content that appeals to them.

For instance, recent studies have shown that the mass affluent are more attracted to hybrid investment options, i.e., those utilising both the robo-technology and human advisors. A forward-thinking PE firm can utilize this piece of information by exploring and implementing the robo-technology and offering robo insights to investors through video marketing.

You will also need to identify video distribution channels that will help reach a wider and relevant audience quickly.

How a Specialized Distributed Video Company can help.

The best way to get started in creative video marketing for PE is to engage a video distribution company that has experience in this arena. In general, a video distribution company will help you achieve the following:

1. Wider Geographic Coverage

According to SmallBizTrends, by 2019, the global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. With this type of growth, it goes without saying that PE firms must up their video marketing game to be able to reach a bigger marketing audience.

Distributed video companies have extensive market knowledge and a wider geographic coverage meaning that they are the solution if you are looking for fast and less expensive market penetration. These companies apply the latest SEO and online marketing techniques to ensure that your videos reach the best part of your target market within the shortest time.

2. Building Strong Connections with Your Audience

By understanding what your target audience wants and needs, a distributed video company can use quality videos to engage them and keep you connected with them.

With the right company, you are able to understand the audience and use that knowledge to distribute the right videos to the right people.

3. Lower Costs.

Engaging a distributed video company allows you to focus on your core business without having to worry about whether your video marketing is reaching the right audience. This means that you do not have to engage a marketing team or set an office to run your video campaigns.

4. Measured Success

When a marketer has easy access to tracking and analytics as a part of the marketing strategy, they can notice the issues that need improvement and act on them before it’s too late. Distributed videos allow you to measure success by checking metrics like tweets and shares, as well as views.

Video distribution provides financial and all other firms with a chance to connect with the customers in a more directed, focused way. This trendy approach allows marketers to experiment, be creative and go viral within a much shorter period. If done right, video distribution can create new growth levels for your brand, as well as reach new audiences.

Bottom line.

In the years we have been providing video marketing for private equity, we have come to learn the intricate details that result in a successful strategy. We recommend that you review some of our success stories to understand how we can help. Contact us for a free consultation to help you plan for your private equity video marketing strategy.

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