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What's Modern These Days?

Corporate video has evolved hugely over the last few years. Gone are stiff films, with outdated content and a nod to the 1980’s. Today what cuts it is brevity combined with economy, emotion and transparency, to produce trustworthy content that engages audiences until the end.

Portraying your company authentically and with credibility, through broadcast quality video, comes down to production quality and value that is high but not too slick and filmic. Micro-documentary style films work well. Tough interviews, answered off the cuff or discussions with un-rehearsed dialogue produce more authentic, passionate responses that have power and conviction behind them. These sorts of videos tend to be better received.

Modern Content Marketing

Capturing your compelling story on film is creates good digital content. Selling yourself in the corporate landscape is not always an easy thing to do. People love visual content. 59% of executives say they are far more likely to  view video content than read text if both are available. Our approach to corporate film making is guided by the needs of our clients. It’s not one size fits all. Each client’s needs are different and it’s our job to work with those differences to provide the most effective content.

The Benefits of Corporate Video Content

With the explosion of social media and the fact that most people favour visual content over text, there really isn’t a good reason not to invest in a marketing video. There is no better way to showcase your skills and expertise. We specialise in producing great films, but your project  doesn’t end there. We can help with marketing through social channels, PR and search marketing.

How We Work

We start with your audience, then work backwards towards your brand character and positioning, focusing on your team, your ethos and beliefs.

Most filming projects take between four and eight weeks, largely depending on the amount of locations. There is no minimum spending requirement and we work with our clients to a budget they are comfortable with.





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