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Often, marketing content fails because it's inauthentic or lacks audience relevance. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a steady growth in marketing results?

Narrative Structures in Corporate Video Production

We plot and then produce your film using a set of scenes that tell your story. Your final video will have a beginning, a middle and an end, and it’s our job to make sure your film accurately and creatively gets your message across whilst holding the viewers’ interest until the very end.

It’s important to have a narrative structure in place. Structure is arranging your story’s elements into a specific chronological order to elicit the perfect emotional response from the reader.

We use what we in the broadcasting industry call the S.T.A.R story. A well-used and proven method.

A video has just a few seconds to hook its viewer. The situation is the hook, the task shows the challenge, the action is what you did to overcome the issue and the result is how that action paid off and solved the problem or resolved the situation for your client. Once a viewer has been hooked by the problem initially faced, it’s highly likely that they will hang around until the end of the video to see how it was successfully resolved. Nobody wants to leave at the problem, it’s human instinct to want to see the resolution.

Success Using Our Narrative Process

Using the S.T.A.R story method encourages engagement and chatter or buzz. Viewers will be more likely to engage with it in a way that guides them towards your call to action message.





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