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speech reveals, text conceals

You keep hearing about the power of video. But is video right for your company, your proposition? Imagine if you could learn from your tracking and use that know-how to build results.

Video Statistics

The exceptional growth of video in online marketing cannot be ignored. People are viewing video content more than ever before – because it connects to your customers much more successfully than written content (‘speech reveals, text conceals’ – says psychological science in a survey by communications researchers).

VIDU – Our Own Video Statistics System

Our unique and revolutionary system allows our clients to get a sense of what they are up against competitively when it comes to video in the marketplace. There is nothing out there that does what VIDU does. It tracks the number of videos, the scale of those videos and the relative location of the video content to the home page and gives the SEO properties of these videos on websites in the manufacturing sector and the financial sector.

At the end of 2019 we should have a very good picture of trends within the sector and the changing usage of video inside the market, which will allow our clients to benchmark their own deployment of video verses the rest of the market.

B2B Video Marketing

The best marketing companies know that video has the power to grow brand awareness and drive leads. Not only that, it helps establish a genuine connection between a business and its customers.

Business Marketing Strategies 2019

The use of video is becoming a mainstay in marketing strategies. Most businesses have cottoned on to the fact that video content produces greater conversions and brand awareness than any other medium.

Promoting direct-to-buyer and connecting businesses through the medium of film is easier and far more engaging than any other form of advertising.




For building your image, reputation and brand engagement


For persuading your audience directly from your place of work



For steadily building your brand engagement and lead flow


For steadily growing your qualified leads and modernising your sales playbook


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