The £99 Confidential brand review, recorded on video

Get professional, actionable feedback on your website, from a buyer's point-of-view. Over ten minutes, recorded live onto a private video for you, we'll tell you what's working brand-wise and visually on your site, what's not and how to approach improvement. While we're not a brand agency, and we wouldn't call ourselves brand experts, we're obsessed with how buyers see brand, image, visuals, and how they're received. Scroll down to buy

Here's an example of what you'll be getting:



What's Included in the £99 Review

You've possibly got some tools of the trade already in place - Google Analytics, or Social tracking for example. But there's nothing like an independent, external view from a real human point of view. So here's what we'll provide in our 10-minute audit, from a buyer's point of view (we do pack quite a bit in, as you'll see from the example above).

1Brand impression.The character, professionalism and business emotions (eg optimism) of your site...

2Content imagery....the choice and quality of imagery and how buyers interpret them...

3Use of video....the video proposition on your website, its visibility and use...

4Proposition....the clarity of your proposition, its distinction and its actionability...

5Language....the tone and digestability of the language and its fit with your visuals...

6Suggestions throughout....and everywhere, we'll be making positive suggestions on improvements.

Illuminating, Fast and Affordable

"Really high quality insights and approach", IR Manager, Private Equity

Buy Your Company's Brand Audit

Ten-minute confidential brand audit

Included: Ten minutes of live feedback on your firm's brand, in terms of impression, content imagery, use of video, proposition, language, and how to approach improvement, recorded onto a private video for you.

Ten-minute confidential brand audit
£99 excl vat

Domain: Your payment email must belong to the domain you want reviewed - so please be sure to use your business email when paying. For example, use "mark.smith@domain.com" if you want us to review "www.domain.com". This prevents unethical use of this service.

Delivery: up to 5 working days (depending on how many audits we're processing)

Guarantee: we operate a guaranteed delivery policy


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