Our Work for Action for M.E.

Film: 'The Big Give'

We created this dramatised engager video for this fast growing M.E. charity in the UK. The video was designed to coincide with a campaign to raise charity donations under the governments UK Gift-Aid Match scheme. The challenge was to provide a high-quality promo for zero budget, and to use genuine patients with M.E. rather than actors.

Our goal

To create two videos, for use on the Action for M.E. website and social media channels, highlighting the reality of living with M.E. by:

What we did

First of all, we developed a full creative brief to allow the committee to fully engage with this video, which would be something of a step up for them in terms of their communication ambitions. This included vivid verbal descriptions of the action we intended.

Secondly, we specified the gestures and scenarios we wished to film, so that the committee could approve them and recruit suitable patients to participant in the filming. It was going to be critical to find multiple locations for the various vignettes that all had to be very close by, but look significantly different - this was key to making such a varied piece within such a short time frame.

Thirdly, one whole day of filming that included all the vignettes, in all the different locations plus all of the interviews.

Finally, we selected relevant cuts from the interviews for use in the promo and cut the whole thing together over a number of weeks.


We created two versions of the video: one for the run up to the 'Big Give' one-week campaign, and one for use during the campaign week. Essentially, these were the same videos but with different captions and call-to-actions.

We also cut 80 social media snippets of around 20-30 seconds each from the interviews and topped and tailed them with calls to action - this would significantly increase the reach and frequency of the campaign on social media.

The client was thrilled, in particular, with this unexpectedly large delivery.

Schematic showing video marketing timeline for Action for ME project

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