Our Work for ADA Economics

"Welcome to ADA Economics"

The opportunity

ADA Economics has a small close-knit team of specialist economic forecasters. Their area of strength is forecasting how politics and culture impact economic behaviour. However, they needed to transform their marketing outlook.
We had the chance to help this small economic research company to refine its proposition and value-set. At the same time we wanted to develop a professional new look for them.

Our intention

Our task was to help define the companys proposition and visibly show the teams character and considerable wealth of expertise.
We ran a series of workshops to help Raffaella and her team refine the company proposition. They wanted to give the website a more femine quality, whilst maintaining the teams strong capabilities and unique outlook on politics and culture.

Our work

The visual concept of a warm, sunny and summery feel has considerably lightened the serious subject of economics and a local park provided a great location to film the team to combine with interviews and office footage. The disappointing weather was negated by the special effects produced by our exceptional editor, who created a suite of explainer and personal profile videos.

Outcomes for our client

As a result, our videos are now visibly connecting the phenomenal team at ADA Economics with their prospective clients from their website home page.They are a flourishing and distinct consultancy, which completely shines through from their videos.

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Same company, same people (ok, a few more). And we've expanded our services.
Hence the trading name. So come on in… the water's lovely!