Our Work for Amadeus Venture Capital

"Investor Conference"

The opportunity

Amadeus Capital Partners is a unique Venture Capital Firm. Not only is their interest in deep tech distinctive, but they have a genuinely global reach. During the pandemic, Amadeus wanted to proceed with their annual investor conference by staging an online event with a mix of live presentations, recorded interviews and case studies.The aim being to keep investors informed of the company’s current investment strategies. This was an opportunity to illustrate how fantastic remote-filming can be.

Our intention

Our task was to create great videos for the conference that expressed the brand character, the entrepreneurs and their developing companies that Amadeus and their investors have supported worldwide.

Our work

Amadeus partners cover a range of technology sectors globally, particularly fintech, but also developing new materials, healthcare and cyber-security. We collaborated with their team and established the partners and entrepreneurs that were to be showcased at the conference. Briefings followed and dates set for filming. The variety of time-zones made this slightly challenging, but readily managed. Filming complete, our editor created over ten in-depth, engaging and informative videos, combining the partners and their champions. It was definitely our privilege to interview such remarkable and inspirational people.

Outcomes for our client

The videos were the highlight of the conference during the event itself and after for those unable to attend. Several of the case studies are now featured on the Amadeus website. Amadeus were delighted that they could communicate everything so efficiently and engagingly to their investors, confirming their position as a uniquely successful venture capital firm with an ability to take high-growth companies global.

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