Our Work for Aurum Fund Management

"Welcome to Aurum"

The opportunity

Aurum Funds Ltd. is a specialist investment company focused on selecting hedge funds and hedge fund portfolios, with a strong and committed approach to sustainability through ESG. Aurum wanted to complement their new website with a suite of explainer videos, to give a more ‘human’ face to the company image.

Our intention

Our task was to give an insight into their procedures in a personal and characterful way, to give understanding of the company ethos of robust diligence and compliance with intelligent risk. Their investment philosophy is at the heart of the company. The explainers were to be a mix of interviews from many of their staff, combined with interior and exterior shots.

Our work

We collaborated with the marketing manager and CEO to plan out the key messages for the explainers. The staff were a joy to work with and definitely showed that the subject matter is anything but dull. They covered a range of topics from hedge funds, ESG and a demo of their technologically advanced investor platform. We also created a piece for recruitment and their 25th Anniversary commemoration.

We filmed both interior and exterior footage to complement the interviews, which were all cleverly edited with library clips and screen capture, to produce a suite of over 10 videos.

Outcomes for our client

The Aurum marketing manager was delighted with the videos that we produced and the commemoration piece went down a storm at the celebratory party. It was great for them to be able to demonstrate the character, wealth of expertise and history at the core of their independent company.

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