Our Work for Brigade Electronics

"Urban Vehicle Safety"

Our opportunity

Market leaders Brigade Electronics have pioneered vehicular and plant safety systems since 1976. They wanted to showcase their genuinely revolutionary BackEye360 vehicle safety system to the general public and industry in an energetic and stylish way.

Our intention

Our task was to illustrate their safety system in a way that sparked interest, whilst maintaining the more serious core brand message of vehicle safety and put emphasis on the wow-factor of the product.

Our work

We quickly decided that the project was going to centre around animation. We planned out animated videos that would show dramatic scenarios involving hazards that the BackEye360 safety system could see, but a truck driver could not.

We devised a two-minute animated video, focussing on the usability and uniqueness of the product in an urban environment. We used animation to convey a hypothetical world of hazards, all soundtracked by upbeat music that emphasised the sense of excitement. We made the BackEye 360 the star of the show, with several references to the monitor inside the cab. We also created a Yard Vehicle version of the animation. This was a three-month animation project, translated into multiple languages and made suitable for countries using both left and right-hand drive.

Outcomes for the client

Brigade were extremely pleased with the finished animation and used the US version of the video at an exhibition in March 2017. The animation was placed on their website and ably demonstrated the protection their safety systems provide.

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