Our Work for Brigade Electronics

Film: 'Urban Vehicle Safety'

Brigade Electronics is a market leader in vehicle safety systems with a comprehensive range of products to reduce the risk of collision and maximise efficiency. The challenge was to provide information about the BackEye?360 in an energetic and stylish way whilst maintaining the core message of vehicle safety.

Our goal

To create a Product Dramatisation video with the aim of selling to prospective customers by:

What we did

We devised and animated a two-minute video to showcase the usability and uniqueness of the company's "Backeye?360" product in an Urban environment. This was a three-month animation project, translated into multiple languages and made suitable for countries using both left and right-hand drive.

We also created a Yard Vehicle version of the animation.

We used animation to convey a hypothetical Urban world of hazards; the white and orange design favoured by Brigade; and an upbeat soundtrack to emphasis the sense of excitement. We made the BackEye?360 the star of the show with several references to the monitor inside the cab.


Brigade were very pleased with the finished animation and used the US version of the video at an exhibition in March 2017.

Schematic showing video marketing timeline for Brigade Electronics project

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