Our Work for Charlton House Professional Services

"Welcome to Strategic Digital Adoption"

The opportunity

Charlton House Professional Services is a digital adoption management consultancy. They have a genuine USP: strategic digital adoption programmes (DAP.), but are a reasonably young company and were at a stage where a new website was the next big step towards their plans for growth. In tandem with a new website, they wished to showcase their expertise with a suite of video explainers and reassurers.

Our intention

Our task was to visually elevate a fast growing tactical consultancy into a strategic and professionally competent organisation with a stylish, empathetic and informative website, enhanced by the suite of videos that illustrated.

Our work

We ran two workshops with Charlton House with the intention of refining the DAP into a relevant and clear proposition that was easy to understand in all aspects. We also determined the visual concepts for both the website and videos. We filmed at Milton Hall near Cambridge, which gave us a delightful setting for both interior and exterior footage. Our editor produced some stunning effects which gave a strong technological feel, whilst maintaining the amiable and professional nature of the team and systems.

Outcomes for our client

The new website and videos have visually strengthened the image and USP of Charlton House Professional Services. They are one of the few companies working in this emerging field and their potential clients can now feel confident in the DAP system and the team they might be approaching for help.

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