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Film: 'Hertz Cup Game'

Our goal was to help build staff teamwork through fun by sharing the Cup Game technique.

Team-spirit training demo for Hertz Europe's newest recruits

We threw together this short trainer video for European and USA staff, and for the Hertz Cup Game intranet. Titled 'Hertz cup game', it explains how to perform the cup game. It was a 2-hour shoot, and a half-day edit. Tom Morley is one of the most creative and prodigious people we know - thanks for asking us to film, Tom.


Hertz had already commissioned us to make a video of their team building conference. With offices all over Europe experiencing steep growth, maintaining teamwork and good internal communication was becoming tricky. The challenge was to create something enduring beyond the conference to help unify team culture across European countries.

Our goal was to help build staff teamwork through fun by sharing the Cup Game technique.


We filmed our good friend Tom Morley from a range of angles as he broke down the moves for the cup game. We cut it together with his music track (he recorded this specially for the conference - nice work Tom!)


Team-spirit training demo for Hertz Europe's newest recruits


Hertz is happy with the piece and it's now in use on their intranet.Here are a few of our learnings from this piece for Hertz Cup Game. Maybe they can help you prepare for your next next production.

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Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge


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