Our Work for Intragen Systems Security

"Case Studies for Intragen"

The opportunity

Intragen Ltd. offer cyber security assessments and solutions to both the public and private sector. They are a well established company with offices in a number of European countries including the UK. They have an incredible portfolio of successful client projects and were keen to showcase these to prospective clients, whilst also strengthening the proposition of their sales team.

Our intention

Intragen chose two of their clients as case studies and it was our task to make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible to tell the story of their collaboration.

Our work

Our storytelling is structured around the ‘STAR’ story: situation/task/action/result, which we believe is the most engaging way to demonstrate the transformation that a client has experienced. This was perfect for the Intragen client case studies.

Firstly, we combined the CEO and CCO of Kallik in two-header interviews, remotely and individually filmed. Secondly, we remotely interviewed the technical services manager at Nottingham Trent University.

The interviews were then edited into 3 case studies covering the Identity and Access Management solutions that Intragen had implemented. Once Intragen were happy with the edits, they were deployed onto their website.

Outcomes for our client

The case studies ably demonstrate the client transformation as a result of working with Intragen. They can directly give confidence to potential new clients and an indication of how much Intragen can help with their own situations.

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