Our Work for Leading Point Financial Markets

"Fintech Security Conference"

The opportunity

Leading Point Financial Markets is a London fintech specialising in digital operating models. They have some excellent innovative technologies to visualise and organise business data. The opportunity we had with Leading Point was their need to express and visualise their processes and capabilities in an empathetic way to increase their visibility amongst large-scale clients, mainly banks and insurance firms.

Our intention

Leading Point was hosting a financial security conference and our task was to interview several delegates from major financial institutions, which would be at the core of a suite of videos. This would be a visible and affirmational presence on their website.

Our work

We started by planning out the messaging, helping Leading Point to understand the sort of topics that they wanted to cover and themes they wanted to focus on. Filming at the conference was rather intense, but it all went extremely well and the delegates we interviewed were very engaging. Back in our studio, our editor produced a very coherent suite of videos.

Outcomes for our client

As a result, Leading Point were able to demonstrate their problem-solving prowess and expertise in a rapidly evolving sector on their website to prospective clients.

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