Our Work for Mayor of London

Film: 'Why Volunteering'

The Mayor of London wanted to advance his corporate volunteering initiative via Team London and a group of coprorate partners. The aim was to encourage more firms to engage in volunteering schemes. The challenge was to explain the benefits of volunteering to corporates, and thereby attract more employers.

Our goal

To create a Micro documentary on the volunteering initiative for Mayor's Office by:

What we did

We devised and filmed this promotional feature for the Mayor of London website to encourage medium and larger firms to support volunteering initiatives. Titled 'Why volunteering', it explains the benefits and enterprise value of the programme to HR and CSR managers. This was a three-day shoot, a two-day edit and about two days' pre-production.

We filmed the programme partners and volunteers at their workplaces and interviewed many contributors. We gleaned a great deal from the story of one volunteer as she walked us through her journey into employment. Wonderful to see business and youngsters chiming so well.


New corporate participants are now contacting the Mayor's office. And there's now a more useful explainer online.

Such a buzz working with the generous and motivated people of this project in so many firms.

Schematic showing video marketing timeline for Mayor of London project

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