Our Work for Share Radio

"Share Radio"

Our opportunity

Share Radio was a brand new financial radio station designed to help UK consumers through the money maze. Topics range from Banking and Budgeting to Markets and Property, and from Investments, Insurance and Small businesses to Ethics and Children's finances.

Business First, a premium business magazine distributed to senior execs in large companies in London and overseas. They needed to build audience reach and drive traffic to their article on the work of Share Radio.

Our intention

Our aim was to produce an engaging trailer with Share Radio to engage the audience, by filming in their busy office with their bright, resourceful and deadline-driven people, asking the big questions and letting the experts speak for themselves, such as projecting the CEO's preoccupation with money as a cornerstone of personal liberty and civilisation.

Our work

The CEO had some pretty strong opinions, for example the preoccupation with money as a cornerstone of personal liberty and civilisation. We knew that the audience would be gripped by allowing these insights to come straight from the horse�s mouth. We filmed the interview for both the magazine piece and for BFTV. We zipped around and recorded snippets of office activity too and cut them all together. The production was a half-day shoot, a one-day edit, and around a day of pre-production.

Outcomes for the client

Business First was happy with the piece and used it to drive interest in their online article. It's also in use on their YouTube web page.

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