Our Work for Siemens UK PLC

Film: 'The Great Northern Powerhouse'

Siemens approached us to create a news-worthy policy announcement to explain their commitment to the Northern Powerhouse, and their association with forming government policy on Industry 4.0. The challenge was to film a half-hour interview and create a taster of that interview for promotional purposes. The majority of the interview was to be used for audio and news releases.

Our goal

To create video promos for Northern Powerhouse manufacturing campaign at world-class electronics firm, consisting of:

What we did

We set up at Siemens UK HQ and readied ourselves for the very small window that the Chief Executive would have for the interview. Nick Peters was the journalist conducting the interview and we filmed a double-header, covering his questions as well as Juergen's answers.

This raw material was then handed back to Nick Peters and Siemens for press use.

Finally, we edited together a promotional taster for the manufacturer magazine to coincide with their Industry 4.0 campaigns.


Video promos were used on the Northern Powerhouse manufacturing campaign and relevant social media sites.

Schematic showing video marketing timeline for Siemens project

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