Our Work for SoPro

"Fuelled for Business"

The opportunity

SoPro was formed in 2015 and has grown vastly since then. They are an email marketing company based in Brighton and Skopje and they source prospects for clients with a hybrid mix of people and technology. The opportunity here was to help them visually clarify their proposition, to focus more on the positive outcome from their processes and technology, with video explainers and reassurers. Their social media needed a boost too. The sales team had been very effective in their use of visual metaphors, but this needed enriching with a visual sense of the company to its prospective clients.

Our intention

As such our task was to produce a suite of videos for their website and social snippets to publish on their social media channels. Crucially they would emphasize the human element of their processes working in tandem with their technology.

Our work

We ran several workshops with SoPro to establish a visual concept for the videos. They wanted something that would illustrate their proposition of ‘fuelling your business’, so the visual concept was relatively easy to develop, the ideas came together very well and we established our visual touchstones: rocketry; fuel; elevation; take-off. We filmed with their team at their offices in Brighton and in Skopje, North Macedonia. In Skopje we filmed many rising shots with stairs and as they had a rooftop area above their offices, we also used a drone rising up the sides of the building and above the rooftop area.

In Brighton, we were extremely fortunate to be able to film on the i360, which gave us absolutely fabulous footage. The SoPro team was excellent and very helpful. We were all enthralled by the location. We also filmed on a very cold, sunny, November beach, which with clever editing, was made to look like a summer’s day. At the centre of these films were interviews with members of their top team, talking about SoPro processes and their positive client outcomes. By putting people front and centre, we were able to illustrate that team visibility is so vital - it is very connecting for prospective clients, as well as the team skills that are at the heart of SoPro. The footage from both Brighton and Skopje was deftly edited together with stock footage of rocket launches ‘fuelling your business’, producing a great suite of inspiring and relevant videos.

Outcomes for our client

When SoPro placed the videos onto their website, they were greatly received not only by their unique and vibrant team who participated, but by prospective clients, who were able to understand the value of the SoPro proposition and their processes undertaken to achieve them.

Subsequently, SoPro rebranded and we updated their videos accordingly. SoPro have come a long way since their conception in 2015. They had 3 employees. Now, in 2022, they have grown to over 150 employees in Brighton and Skopje combined. They have become a market leader in their field and we’ve been with them on their journey from the early days. It’s been a wonderful ride.

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