Our Work for The Struts

Film: 'Journeys Start'

The Struts are a Virgin-signed UK-based rock band. They've produced their first album and developed a rich vibrant and harmonious sound with plenty of swagger. They wanted a short documentary to mark their origins and approach to collaboration. The challenge was to tell the story with candour and bite.

Our goal

To create a Micro-rockumentary and profiles for Virgin-signed rock band to:

What we did

We created this micro-rockumentary for fans, for The Struts' website. It was a one-day shoot, a two-day edit and around two days' pre-production.

We visited the band's house in Derby and loved filming in their music room. We also filmed at their rehearsal space outside to add a flavour of live performance. We cut the whole piece together and fine-tuned with the help of the band's management.


Over 5,000 viewings without even being released. Exciting how it got out there - it was privately listed for months.

So great to work with people who so clearly know their destiny.

Schematic showing video marketing timeline for The Struts project

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