Our Work Tony Green Racing

"Exhaust Craftsmanship"

Our opportunity

Tony Green Racing is one of the UK's leading two-stroke motorbike exhaust makers. They lovingly produce handcrafted 'pipes' for motorbike owners, racers, teams and manufacturers. But outside the racing world, they were unknown, and when prospects called with enquiries, the owner had to convince them on pedigree and calibre.

Our intention

By creating a profile of expertise and clearly demonstrating the hand-made quality of the motorbikes, it would build trust with prospective new clients, an internet audience and ease the phone sale.

Our work

Mainly in the workshop, we created this three-minute craftsmanship profile video for prospective customers, for the TG Racing website. The video reveals the skills and techniques of a race exhaust engineer at the top of his game. It was a four-day shoot, a four-day edit and around three days' pre-production.

We created a unified new image, website and video. We loved filming at TG Racing's wonderful oily workshops and their clients' bikes out on the track, and we learned a lot by interviewing Tony. We even pulled a few strings and arranged for an afternoon of private airfield use at Wroughton to dramatise the racing benefits. Finally, we built a website using the excellent Adobe Business Catalyst platform, and created the content - copy, video and imagery. We published it on the internet and notified Google.

Outcomes for our client

A new flow of prospective customers, and a positive shift in customer opinion has been established. And the desired, easier sales calls. It's wonderful to explore an expert world, and Tony was really kind in revealing his techniques and approach. Didn't really want this job to end.

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