Our Work for Traydstream with Bolero

"Discovering Traydstream"

The opportunity

Traydstream is an innovative technology company that has built a powerful AI driven platform for automated global trade document checking to replace laborious manual systems and improve efficiency and speed. Bolero International is a leading cloud-based platform helping organisations transition to and seamlessly connect with their logistics partners and financial institutions around the world. With Traydstream (and their partner company Bolero) we had the opportunity to reveal their new integrated service capability. They needed an explainer illustrating how straightforward and efficient their platform is to use for prospective clients.

Our intention

So our task was to produce a video to help the sales team develop a clear online set-up and reduce the focus on telesales. The video would explain the united service they were developing: combining import and export documentation alongside international legal clearance and the operational documentation necessary at ports.

Our work

We undertook filming in two locations, filming both Traydstream and Bolero, interviewing their senior management, covering their processes, the new platform and the benefits of their system in a very relatable way. We created several explainer animations that were interwoven with the interview footage and relevant library footage, producing a STAR story of how the new platform can benefit clients with their global trade. We completed a video for both companies with their own branding and flavour.

Outcomes for our client

The videos gave both Traydstream and Bolero a highly visual presence on their websites, demonstrating their wealth of expertise and confidence in their trade platform to prospective clients.

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