Our Work for Vesta

Film: Vesta - 'Bringing Investors Together'

Vesta is a dedicated buy-to-let investment platform connecting sellers, buyers and investors. The challenge was to communicate a combined social and financial enterprise to investors.

Our goal

To create a promotional video to attract investors and showcase the Vesta brand by:

What we did

We interviewed the CEO, his team and Vesta's would-be customers using a talking heads style. We used shots of sumptuous buildings and skylines to portray the obvious property theme, and backlighting to subtly suggest a cityscape outside the filming location.

This was a two-day shoot, seven-day edit and three days' pre-production.


Vesta are using the video as part of their seed investor campaign.

It was educating to work with financiers so deeply embebbed within the idea of a social enterprise - this unique combination of investment and liberating part-ownership of a property was a real eye opener.

Schematic showing video marketing timeline for Vesta project

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has launched

Same company, same people (ok, a few more). And we've expanded our services.
Hence the trading name. So come on in… the water’s lovely!