Hey Director: Visual Hunger


How's your on-screen relationship these days? Pre-epoch, our desire for visual intimacy was so often threatened by a typically British self-consciousness.

You've probbaly used video calls, dipped your toe into webinars and interviews. Reached out to markets. Maybe fought off the awkwardness of being filmed for reputation and let the world glimpse behind the scenes. Just briefly.

Two people whispering to each other

Post-Covid, a new willing togetherness has emerged. Even though we're remote.

Zoom, Webex, Teamviewer, WhatsApp, Skype and others have helped us prevail. And they've never been more vital for trading.

Or for seeing colleagues in pyjamas, and clients' kitchens.

Couture aside though, something unnoticed slipped in here. The preference for seeing. And the need to be seen better. Stronger visuals. Better schematics. Cleaner decks. And better video.

So the question arises - how visual are you as a company?

Messy kitchen

You're munching a cheesy snack one day, before a Zoom call. Working from home, so's your caller.

And as you savour your Quavers, a warm fuzzy thought occurs. We're all willing to be together, remotely, regardless of location. It's a new kind of intimacy. We're relaxed about kitchen tables and colleagues' cardigans.

It's kinda lovely, this new homely informality. You can almost smell the hygge.


Tear in the page
"Here's looking at you, kid."
Tear in the page
Rick Blaine, Casablanca, 1942

There's definitely something else here. A new taste for visuals.

And oh, to be seen in a better light, to look cooler, clearer, more definitively you.

How to Pivot

Winter ski hat and goggles

Sure, some of being seen is about stronger reputation infographics, better slide decks. But video should dominate. It's stronger, more compelling, more revealing. More impactful.

Your CEO describing the service's vision. Your techs, reassuring. Your sales team explaining. Your onboarding team revealing the process. Now is the time to invest here, to feed the new demand for visual you.

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