Hey Director: Workflow Royale With Cheese


B2B client relations move fast. There's always a race to keep up with tech, rules, compliance and reputation trends, while staying on track with competitors. And delighting your clients, who are more involved than ever.

We all feel like we're being left behind. Constantly. But there are some moments - epochal moments - when it's right to move off the spot.

Now is one.

Illustration of Artificial Intelligience pathways

The fourth industrial revolution is in motion now. AI as a service, blockchain, VR, SaaS and much more blossoming everywhere. Blurring the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological.

And largely focused on customer experience.

Maybe you're hanging back, or just dabbling. But finance, marketing and operations have never been more ready for root and branch reinvention in B2B.

The ocean of new tech held back by old-school management will flood industry and commerce, sinking the laggards.

Digital pound coin sign on matrix board

Cut to your office. Wired magazine on your tablet. You're reading up on the fourth industrial revolution. Digitalisation, SaaS platforms, enterprise apps, Internet of things. Software promises and new ways everywhere.

Blending the physical, digital, and biological worlds.

The transformation is becoming almost total, irreversible, inevitable. From familiar comfort that's about to go south, to a risky unknown. But who's transforming with it all? Just the lucky, the liggers and the lifeboats? Well, the look-aheads too.

Are you running late here? Early and late adopters are already committed - in services, manufacturing, public sector.

Tear in the page
"What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?"
Tear in the page
Anton Chighur, No Country for Old Men, 2007

You've just got to find a way to get past the difficult moment of decision and join them. Got to. Or you're going to be a relic.

How to Pivot

Bunch of climbing chocks

Consider which parts of your finance, marketing and operations that give you most pain. And start there. They are ready for modernising. But keep your crown on, don't abdicate. You'll need people in-house or out-of-house - who know what they're doing to set up and manage these, to make these new systems feel really you.

And if you're still hesitating, ask yourself what's truly at risk here? The risk of stasis versus the risk of change in reputation. Buyers in a growing number of fields require high degrees of workflow automation in their RFPs. And competitors with learning systems in their marketing, sales and operations are outperforming you, whether you know it or not. Ignorance isn't bliss.

So welcome in new workflows and efficiencies wherever you can in pr, marketing and sales and in operations, investor relations and HR.

Or stay behind like a dozy reputation laggard, and face the consequences.

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