Hey Marketer: Skidding Around The B2B Test Track


Imagine you could treble your marketing conversion, by just turning up the dials on website and email. With one simple tool.

You probably already know what it is, how it works and the results you could achieve. But now it's way more affordable, have you actually tried it?

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Many of the world's big companies use multivariate split-testing on their marketing communications. Have done for years. In emails, ads, websites, on social. And they've become adept at constant improvement, leaving the smaller competitors behind.

When your numbers are big enough, there's no case for passing it by.

And recently, SaaS services have democratised this technology, especially in email and web. Making it easy to deploy and affordable. Today, it's possibly one of the most under-used practices going. And combined with Lean B2B Services, one of the coolest ways to innovate your way into serious business growth.

But it's never been available for video. Until recently.

Birds of prey

You may be unaware, but most of the messages that you receive from big firms have been split-tested using multivariate analysis.

Images, paragraphs, sentences, titles and colours are routinely swapped in and out under mathematically supervised circumstances. In emails, ads, websites, on social. You may be the guinea pig or the treasured target, you won't know. But your response will be recorded and analysed.

SaaS services have made this kind of campaigning easy to deploy and affordable.

Yet strangely, this science is seldom used by small and medium sized firms. There's still a strong preference for the one original, whether it's copy, image or video.

Today, it's possibly one of the most under-used practices going. And it's never been available for video.

Until now.

Tear in the page
"Release the Kraken!"
Tear in the page
Hades, Clash of the Titans, 2010

How to Pivot

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Get your hands round the shoulders of testing. Give it a big warm squeeze.

Open an account at any split-testing SaaS tool and let it run a few months. Build your knowledge.

And when you have some clear insights, hug harder, and try multivariate testing. Get a little more sophisticated - see how themes and emotions, propositions and captions combine best. Read up on the brilliant but hard work of proposition wording. Doug Hall's wonderful Jump Start Your Business Brain is a good propelling place to start.

Skidding your way around a test track might sound messy. It is. But that's Lean for you. And have a look at the new breed of video analytics tools too - and test the old way - multiple video versions. Many will help you understand your audience, though the cost is high.

Shameless plug - our video testing allows multiple narrative elements to test simultaneously in affordable multivariate ways.

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