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How often do you check in on your competitors? Beyond glancing at their website every few months and realising they've released a new video?

Not only do competitive insights help you understand your own PR strengths and opportunities, they will shape your audiences experience.

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Right now, strong SME's and the smarter large corporations are undergoing Darwinian selection - the more nimble and pivoting will thrive.

Many will fall.

Of course, selection is based on suitability to compete. The strongest business traits at the turn-in to this new epoch are vision and sensing, adaptability and speed, together, raw competitive power.

Which starts with competitor insight. It's more important today than ever. Yet nobody can score or analyse competitor videos or define success models.

Until now.

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Darwinian selection observes nature's complex arc over millennia. Business selection is more like a decade. But the Covid inheritance turned that into a year.

So it feels more like a revolution.

And competition for audiences in this half-revolution-half-evolution will be fierce.

Competition based on three abilities.

First, the ability to see all around you and develop a short and longer term vision.

Second, the ability to change operations, marketing, reputation, recrtuitment and finance to match that vision.

And third, the ability to do it all quickly.

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"Yippie-ki-yay, motherf*cker!"
Tear in the page
John McClane, Die Hard, 1988

First steps are inciting steps. They lead you towards the new way. Sometimes with shock, seeing with a new clarity. Competitor insight is just such clarity. The volts of change.

How to Pivot

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Competitor insight is more important in the new PR epoch than ever before. Ideas, gaps, traps, swamps. And the biggest zone for these is video. But did you know that you can't score or analyse competitor websites for their use of video? Or Google the number of in-house videos on a website? Or know the industry benchmark for video usage? Or those of your competitors? Or adopt an international scorecard for video content? Or define video success models?

Until now that is.

Now you can score yourselves against competitors, niches, sector and market. We built AI software in 2020 to do this. We're sure others have too.

So you can see what's good or bad. And what's next.

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