Hey Revenue-Manager: Noise Off, Proposition On


When did you last create a piece of wow recovery content? One that delivered remarkable response from prospects? Content like the social and search giants promised would build your brand - create that sought-after competitive advantage.

Maybe it's been a while?

Group of monkeys in social discussion

Before the 4041 epoch, buyers had become almost immune to content. Recovery messaging was falling into decline. Because nearly all of it is inconsequential noise. Low-quality, formulaic, unhelpful vom. A consequence of infinite monkeying with infinite typewriters.

That's all industries, all companies, just authoring blah. Almost a perfect real-world enactment of Emile Borel's Infinite Monkey theorem.

It's overwhelmed buyers, diminished meaning, depleted trust. Now that's a world-sized problem.

Riot police holding the line

Quick experiment. Scroll your socials. Terry's new job. Sarah on authenticity. Marcel's whiteboard Wednesday. Strewth, the formulaic blah of it. Beautiful containers, lifeless content. Zero effect. Actually, keeping up with this nonsense is oppressive.

Keep scrolling. You're starting to detach. Was it ever okay to repeatedly post this stuff? Does any playbook say keep spewing noise at all costs? Simply publishing stuff. Home-made noise. Infinite monkeys.

Tear in the page
"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
Tear in the page
Rhett Butler, Gone With the Wind, 1939

Oh wait though.

There's something really good here. Uncomfortably recognising that some sponsored content has stand-out. You've stopped scanning, now you're watching. Not detached any more, engaged. The noise switched off for a moment.

Just forget that a company paid here to post something into your stream. This isn't about money. It's about LANDING. They actually spent time on it. Thought about customer needs. The pain-remedy idea. Conjured the idea into a proposition. Made it stand out. Made it actionable, or entertaining. Or both.

They bothered.

And you should too.

How to Pivot

Mountain climber's walkie-talkie

With or without paying, you have to nourish recovery audiences with fresh ideas, expressed as Relevant, Actionable Propositions. RAP. Because otherwise you're just a part of the noise.

Yes, research your audience challenges, defining them sharply. Yes, think about how you tackle these challenges, defining your service benefits, making them relevant. Yes, express these ideas with punch and relevance. Yes, experiment to see how they land in social media. That's how to switch off your noise, and your proposition on.

This is the only way to rise above mediocrity. It's also your duty as a company to express yourself as a solver of problems. Because you are.

The audience not only deserves it, you do too. Because you forget the good you do. We all do. But you're here, now. Changing the way you communicate.

Noise off, proposition on.

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