Hey Sales-Manager: Epoch In The Room

Epoch in the room: Clue Zero For Sales Managers

The new sales epoch in the room

There's a bigger epoch behind the one we're all staring at.

That's two sales transformations unfolding at the same time. The obvious one at the front is the Brexit-Covid-Bear. But the unacknowledged one lurking behind is far bigger.

Desks underwater in chaotic office flood

Recall the moment in the movie The Big Short, when broker Mark Baum meets his smug nemesis, fund manager Mr Chau, over sushi? Chau's oozing synthetic CDOs, helicopters, playing both sides. Baum finally sees the instrument of the zealot traders and blind goliaths; the sub-prime cavity. The whole system is bombed. It's clear now. But no-one else can see it. It's Baum's holy sh*t moment.

Fire storm from bombs exploding

Cut to you.

Eating M&S sushi at your desk, agonising over strategy. Is your whole system bombed too? Feels like a goddamn movie. Covid-whumph. Brexit-whumph. Bear-market-whumph.

The tanking global economy, industries flayed. Bewildered governments, fractured commerce. Brexit an unguessable feature of the market landscape. Oh and the looong bear ahead.

But they weren't the only bombs.

Thing is, everyone's staring so hard at Recovery that they can't see the huge new epoch in the room.

But you can. You're here with us. Evidence all around, like debris. Your holy sh*t moment.

Tear in the page
"Epoch, what epoch?"
Tear in the page
Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, 2017-2021

Come on, grab your mobile, let's photograph this new B2B enterprise epoch. Understand its form and consequence. Then pivot the hell out of it.

Nine Leviathan bombs. And Brits will pick strawberries.

Nobody was ready for the pre-epoch salvo. Nor noticed much. Not the market leaders, disruptors, challengers or laggards. But what actually is it?

It's a huge concussion of fissile forces:

  1. Noise off, proposition on - Low-quality, formulaic, unhelpful sales vom has overwhelmed audiences, diminished meaning and depleted trust.
  2. Who said you were a media company? - Social and organic search reach fewer and fewer viewers, unless you can afford the expensive smarts.
  3. Workflow royale with cheese - sales, finance and operations have never been more ripe for communications reinvention.
  4. Flywheel and keel - The sales flywheel embraces the more chaotic processes of choosing, investing and onboarding.
  5. Narrative ducking - Your audience wants to be heard, understood. To be part of a dialogue.
  6. Sentiment chauffeurs - Confidence, optimism, expectation, empathy, faith, trust. So rarely do they make it into sales communications.
  7. Onto the test-track - Today, it's possibly one of the most under-used practices in sales coms.
  8. R/evolution now - Right now, Darwinian selection is ripping through the sales practices. And it starts with competitor insight.
  9. Going visual - The preference for seeing. And the need to be seen better. Stronger visuals. Better video. Audience optics.
Tear in the page
"It's alive! It's alive!"
Tear in the page
Dr Frankenstein, Frankenstein, 1931

So the new epoch has clear traits, new risks and opportunities. We see this. We have photos now.

What to do?

Orienteering map compass

Entrepreneurs and investors have for centuries made the most of adversity. Specifically, of the opportunities arising from adversity.

In our new epoch, it's already happening. Zoom is killing carbon. Etail is subsuming retail. Bicycles, social enterprise, healthcare, training are all up. Brits are picking strawberries.

Recognise any adversity-harvesting here?

As with all new epochs, old norms are discarded. Rules torn up. Every strategy you know is obsolete. Unless you want to simply survive.

Tear in the page
"I don't want to survive. I want to LIVE!"
Tear in the page
Solomon Northup, 12 Years a Slave, 2013

So what's stopping you?

The Brexit-Covid-Bear fires are burning. But the bigger challenge by far, the behemoth in the room - is this new enterprise epoch. And you're already involved, thinking, flexing, facing it down.

Of course no-one knows industry's future timeline. Only agile, daring, learning ways will make the playbook. And you're here now. Maybe more muscular, maybe wounded and healing too. But you're in the room. The players' room.

Your firm does so much good, and is capable of so much more. It's aching to be found, understood, purchased and loved. In the new ways of our manifesto.

Tear in the page
"Hazard yet forward"
Tear in the page
Sir Christopher Seton, Clan Seton motto, 1306

There has never been a better time to pivot. Your firm doesn't need to spend years and fortunes on sales noise, social marketing emptiness, on losing clients, recruits and investors to competitors, on resultless social connections, likes and shares, on leadless SEO, on low productivity operations. Content and search has become blah. But that's not just pre-epoch dereliction. That's what your zombie competitors will long continue to do into this epoch. Good! You're not them.

Nothing's stopping you from evolving, because you've already started. So have we.

Hang on to your fear, your anger, your outrage. You're going to need them.

Pivot grandly, friend.

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