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Quantum Computing

May 2020: we remotely filmed interviews to produce several case studies for Amadeus Capital Partners' investor conference. We remotely interviewed Steve Brierley at his offices in Cambridge where Steve and his team are building and developing a quantum operating system for every type of quantum computer. Steve had a small team and knew that he would need both financial and professional investment to help build and position his business. Ideally, he was looking for a partner, not just an investor. He met with Amelia Armour and Hermann Hauser from Amadeus and with their wealth of knowledge and experience, it was quickly understood what would be the key advantages with this technology. Their investment and partnership is helping to put Riverlane in the centre of the quantum computing industry.

Riverlane Quantum Computing

Steve Brierley, CEO and Founder of Riverlane talking about the investment journey with Amadeus.


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