Opinion: Bleeding edge tech at Bloodhound Land Speed Record

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We produced several films for the Bloodhound LSR before the project was rescued from administration. The team at that time, were trying to fundraise and also encourage highly skilled companies to sponsor the project by producing componants. The film gives an over-view of the project: the high level of skills required, problems to solve, precision engineering, project sponsorship, high technology research and the opportunity to achieve. The project is still in need of sponsorship, but is very optomistic about breaking the land speed record.

We structured the film with a STAR story: situation - task - action - result. The Bloodhound team had a real challenge trying to find enough sponsors to fund a vehicle capable of breaking the land speed record. Their task was to be able to have precision engineering that would work at very high speeds and calculating for the unknown. They turned to the media to create attention, capture imagination and attract sponsors. The result was that they did indeed capture imagination and some sponsorship deals that spurred them on to try and deliver their dream.

Building The Dream

Showing the skills and expertise needed for the land speed record project, the obtacles faced and how they might be overcome.


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