Opinion: Advanced road safety at Brigade Electronics and Wren Kitchens

Uncompromising on Safety.

We produced this film for Brigade Electronics to showcase the effectiveness of their camera moniteering system. Wren Kitchens fitted their entire fleet with this system, giving their drivers confidence on the road and protecting vulnerable road users such as cyclists. It also helps with maneuvering vehicles safely when delivering to customers or in delivery bays. Conversely, as it records all journies, it can also provide evidence for any fraudulent claims of damage!

This case study demonstrates how we develop a story by showing the challenge or pain that a company is trying to overcome, the purpose, intention or hope that they need to develop, the actions, features or benefits that were achieved and how that overcame the challenge or pain.

Championing Vehicle and Plant Safety

Brigade Electronics safety systems aim to minimise commercial vehicle blind-spots and protect vulnerable road users. Their applications are also invaluable with plant vehicle safety on worksites. Wren Kitchens fitted their entire fleet to keep their drivers and road-users safe.


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