Opinion: Breaking new ground at Vesta's Investment Property website

The Value of Tenanted Property

Vesta provide a compliant platform and specialist service through which investors can buy a share or the whole of a property. They analyze many data points and perform due dilligence regarding a property that often has a valued tenant in situ, providing a chain-free deal for all parties.

We created this film for Vesta to reveal more about the people and ethos behind the name, but also how the company works. We used the STAR story technique: situation-task-action-result. The situation was a gap in the market for managed residential buy-to-let property investment; the task being to design a way of connecting investors who were buying or selling property usually with a tenant in situ; the action was to create a digital platform to facilitate this and build a team of great staff who could perform due dilligence and analyze property research results; the resulting platform has facilitated over £30m worth of propert since 2018.

Data-driven Marketplace

Vesta are a 'PropTech' start-up that specialise in facilitating investment in the tenanted residential property.


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