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We’re a distributed company, so our office is the internet. But here’s where some of us are:

London: Citipoint, 1 Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9ST

Macedonia: 29-ti Noemvri Skopje br. 15-4 Skopje

Holt (head office): 1 Brook Lane, Holt, BA14 6RL

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  • Same people, same company, and a brand new trading name.
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Calculate the potential value of our video marketing services

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We’d like extra per month
Video builds audiences, delivering more {{investors}}. What kind of audiences improvement* would you like?
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* Better audience are valuable beyond {{investors}} growth – they build reputation and competitive
What proportion of your leads would you like from digital marketing?
Leads From
Digital Marketing
(video contribution* likely to be approx 30%
* We assume that video contributes to half of your digital marketing. In reality it may be less or more
On average, how much is one of your {{investor}}s worth over their lifetime?
One {{investor}} is worth £ k over their lifetime
estimated investor growth (CLV WON IN 1 YEAR)£1.3M
What your model predicts
£310k True Value of Video Marketing
How we’ll have helped
Growth = 4 investors x 12 months x £65k lifetime value = £1.3m (rounded) Video Value = Growth x 15% video contribution x 165% audience = £310k (rounded)
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