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Continuity is top priority, isn't it? Handle a crisis well, and you have the chance to not only mitigate negative publicity, but also to enhance your reputation among your clients and key stakeholders. So we developed a new kind of media training and video package for PR managers. You're probably intending to prepare for a crisis, increase your firm's reputation and boost visibility. This service does both. Book a demo.

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Hello PR Manager

What's that burning smell? The smouldering risk of a crisis already alight? The charring ashes of a press mauling?

Could it be coming from your office?

The majority of businesses will experience some kind of crisis scenario but the gamechanger - whether your customers stick with you or move to one of your competitors - is how you communicate through the crisis. You don't always get a second chance to protect your business's future, so make effective communications and decisive interaction your priority.

Crisis scenarios happen for diverse reasons. Whether it's a poor customer experience, an act of nature, someone stealing sensitive information or a member of staff having an accident at work. Regardless of the source, these situations have the potential to impact on your firm's reputation and it's important to accept what has happened, take responsibility, if appropriate, and try to get in front of the story to gain control of your message. Planning ahead as much as possible and having a crisis management plan in place are key.

Our Crisis Communications package

1. Primer Workshop

2. Crisis Plan Review

We review the plan you create after the workshop. This can be on a steady-as-you-go or crisis basis, depending on your timescales. After the review, you'll have a practical, clear second draft, ready for live.

3. Crisis Rehearsal

4. Video Post-production

There are two ways to handle a crisis. If you manage it badly it could destroy the standing of your business, but if you handle the situation well, you have the opportunity to not only mitigate negative publicity but to enhance your reputation among your customers and key stakeholders. Work with us to make certain that you have the skills to safeguard your business's future.

Clients include: Draeger, ResMed, Owen Mumford, Henkel, Rockwell, Royal Bank of Scotland, BUPA, Nuffield Health and the Independent Prep School Association.

Impact You'll Feel

1Ability to heal and secure your reputation (internally as well as externally).

2Ability to protect your bottom line (and stop losses).

3Rebuild your customers' confidence.

4Secure your future.

5Keep control by staying one step ahead.

Estimate the impact of our work with our impact calculator.

What To Do Next

Know what succeeds and why. It's essential to every crisis, every campaign actually, to every web page, to every video. Without science, your video PR is built on sand. So if you want to really know, to fully ignite your emergency management, book a chat below



Beating a crisis isn't going to cost an arm and a leg. We're going to be somewhere between a freelancer and a big agency, but deliver more in messaging heft, interactivity and narrative psychology. Which means viewer response. Yes, it is all about the numbers.


Depending on aims, brief, interactivity and number of locations, this will take 4-8 weeks to prepare. Depending on the time-sensitivity of the content, your return on investment can last up to 24 months.

Success Measurement

We'll measure viewings, conversions and audience behaviours, automatic split testing and message preference, as well as capturing viewer data and their submissions. You'll have a clear sense of return on investment, and suggestions on how to handle the next communications.

Case Studies

Case study: Product Dramatisation for World Leading Vehicle Safety Manufacturers, Brigade Electronics

Brigade Electronics UVS

Case study: Product Dramatisation for World Leading Vehicle Safety Manufacturers, Brigade Electronics

Case study: Micro documentary on volunteering initiative for Mayor's Office

Mayor of London

Case study: Micro documentary on volunteering initiative for Mayor's Office

Case study: Video suite for UK's 1,000mph world land speed record engineers

Bloodhound SSC

Case study: Video suite for UK's 1,000mph world land speed record engineers


"Marketing Films helped us reach new investors by explaining a complex proposition simply. Wonderful work. Lead by Tim, their team delivered broadcast quality to our urgent timescales and on budget. Superb results."

Waseem Shiraz, Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing

"It's easy to find someone who can use a video camera. We struggled to find the skills to get beautiful shots which looked professional not gimmicky and the help to efficiently tell our story – and affordably. But then we found Marketing Films. We loved working with Tim – and got a great video which tells our story quickly, efficiently – and beautifully."

Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge

"I would highly recommend Marketing Films. We've been working together on video project for NVM Private Equity and they've succeeded in bringing our company to life. Financial services is perceived as a very dull subject, but they have injected creativity, stylishness and successfully shown the real world of business investment. They've shown that it's not just about the numbers, but the people working hard to make it all work. They're passionate about what they do and extremely enthusiastic. They have this amazing talent at transforming the most wooden interviewee into a natural."

Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager, NVM Private Equity

Our methodology

Our ethos is founded on the solid principles of Google's video content frameworks (non-advertising variation), and our own B2B experience of the original Amazon flywheel. Together these define an appropriate format and message for differing user occasions and purposes. In other words, we bring relevance to viewers. Examples include:


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