Video Production For Client Services

Retain more clients and grow their value with our onboarding, upselling and account management films. When you help clients in practical and beneficial ways, your brand glows. Which motivates clients to increase purchase, loyalty and word of mouth.

Video for Client Services Teams

We've walked in your shoes - onboarding, assisting, explaining, re-explaining, juggling, listening, adapting, reassuring, and encouarging. It's a lot. And all while working to tight budgets, tight calendars, sky-high expectations. Yes, it's all familiar to us as well.

That's why we developed Visible Business. To free you from these burdens. We fused three powerful disciplines together - film, client services and strategy. And created a service that's tailored to your precise client niches, your service methods, and your team. And build in growth to your work with a sales enablement strategy.

As a bonus, your films integrate seamlessly to your marketing, sales and digital teams too. One voice. One vision.


Achieve your account management priorities

Focus on what's most important to you - onboarding, client training, reference materials, upselling, modelling, reporting or retention. Or your own personal blend of these.

Improve your servicing assets

Reach beyond video - have us develop your vlogging, website, photography, copy, imagery, decks and docs. And all with the same voice, same vision, same calibre. With our content production, publishing service, video presentations service, or remote filming service.

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Strike just the right tone

Enjoy our quick and comprehensive visual tone process which helps you accelerate production of the best guidance, and rollout to clients, groups and ambassadors. With our brand archetype service.

Blend outsourcing with in-house

Balance your team resourcing the way you like it - assign roles to us or to yourselves for planning, publishing privacy and team assets. Know you can adjust the partnership as you go, leanly, wisely.

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Control your investment

Budget as much or as little as you like, and adjust as you go, depending on your goals and ambition. Commission either a one-off asset project or an ongoing asset campaign.

How it Works

Icon of magnet attracting hearts1. Workshops: together, we map out how you want to retain and grow clients, producing an ideal plan
Icon of video camera2. Production: we film and finalise video content, transcripts, variants, stills, extracts and supporting client assets
Icon of website on computer3. Publishing: we provide you with all the planned assets in multiple formats for maximum client effect
Icon of pie chart, data and looking glass4. Tracking: we switch on UTMs and then track-adjust as we go - you can take over as early or late as you like
Icon of two people shaking hands5. Growth: your desired growth starts building. You observe a clienty glow.

Our Team Joins With Your Team

When you become a Marketing Films client, at all times you'll have a campaign champion driving your project and its aims. Account management, retention, problem-solving, re-enquiry, cross-selling, upselling, FAQ and growth are all our customer service champions think about. But there's a bigger team of content people behind your champion, living and breathing your goals. Choose from as many or few of these as you like:

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Book a client services team demo and start filming in under 3 weeks

Turbo-charge your client services quickly. Our client team will firm up your project or campaign in weeks, and partner with your team throughout, listening and inspiring equally. Here's what you'll discover in your demo:

Some of Britain's highest growth firms trust us to deliver their client services visibility. Join them, and you'll be championed by the UK's most enterprising video agency.

Book a video marketing demo

Email Marketing
We never expected the level of impact that we got with video, and it gave our business the professional gravitas that we needed. From 50 to 200 people in two years, video was a part of that rapid expansion.

Marketing Films Client SoPro
Ryan Welmans, CEO, SoPro Marketing (LinkedIn)

Aritifical Intelligence Software
Marketing Films helped us reach new investors by explaining a complex proposition simply. Wonderful work. Their team delivered broadcast quality to our urgent timescales and on budget. Superb results.

Marketing Films Client CQC
Waseem Shiraz, COO, Cambridge Quantum Computing (LinkedIn)

Managed Office Space
We wanted shots which looked professional not gimmicky, and affordable story-telling. We loved working with Marketing Films. We got great videos which tell our story quickly, efficiently - and beautifully.

Marketing Films Client Desklodge
Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge (LinkedIn)


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Same company, same people (ok, a few more). And we've expanded our services.
Hence the trading name. So come on in… the water's lovely!