Video Strategy Feasibility: building real competitivity

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This 20-30 minute session helps you assess the purpose, gains and costs of a good video marketing campaign. We run it at your office or online. It's free.

Strategy and Feasibility

Are you thinking about diving headfirst into the wonderful world of video marketing only you don’t have any idea what that involves or even if your video idea is a feasible one?

You know that you need a strategy but that all seems ridiculously daunting right at this moment in time. So you have all of this….stuff in your head and everyone seems to want to get in on the action. The ideas you had seemed like good ones at the time but now you aren’t so sure. Where do you turn?

These are not problems to video production companies such as ours. In-fact we love it when a client comes to one of our strategy and feasibility sessions with very little idea of how to proceed and leaves buzzing at the prospect of launching their new company video.

It’s not a bad thing to bounce ideas around and see where they land. A few heads are actually better than just the one in this case. Our sessions are structured so that everyone’s voice is heard but no-one’s over-powers the session. All opinions are taken into account until we have a firm idea of where you as a company see yourself positioned in the market. It’s then that we get you. We’ll tell you how feasible your ideas are and give you some more food for thought. We’ve been doing this a long time. We know a thing or two about the planning stage.

No idea is without merit. It might need some tweaking and a bit of creative thinking but that’s the fun part. You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy this process and it gives you a real insight into how a video campaign might rocket your success.