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There really is no better medium than video for encouraging immediate engagement.

Promotional Video Production

Are you looking to boost exposure for a new brand or one that’s been knocking around for a while doing nothing much?

A promotional video will revive an existing product as if it were a new one. Perhaps you are launching a completely new product, yourself as a brand or a new company. People need promotion too.

Video plays a pivotal role in the consumer decision-making process. It gives the opportunity for businesses to both educate and entertain all in one go. What you have with a good promotional video, is your most powerful marketing tool.

Promotional videos are different in nature to corporate videos. With our attention spans being what they are, a good promo video will not be an excruciatingly long one. 60% of people in a recent survey said that are less likely to return to a site if the video is low quality. You can just as easily damage your brand as elevate it when it comes to film.

Things move at a rate of knots these days. Consumers are looking for the next big thing, the one that they didn’t even know that they were looking for but can’t live without now they’ve seen it. The goal of any good video production company should be to showcase you or your product in a way that encourages engagement, chatter if you like. Don’t be scared by negative feedback, the good will always outweigh the bad if you are confident in the authenticity of your brand.

It’s the job of companies such as ours not only to produce a fantastic video but to guide you in the right direction and support you through from beginning to end.