Video Marketing Workshop: a road-map in 3-hours

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This 3-hour workshop creates a full road-map for your video marketing campaign. It covers audiences, brand values, competitive positioning, proposition and messaging. We run it at your office. And if you don't find it useful, you don't pay for it at all.

Video Marketing Workshops

Why bother with a workshop? Because that’s where you find what might work and what definitely won’t. You get to grips with the whole concept and you start to understand how great content produces great results. Without a firm grasp of how this is all going to work in practise, you end up stumbling around in the dark with no coherent plan to take you forward to world domination.

Content takes a lot of planning and collaboration. A few minds thinking individually, yet collectively to find the solution that works for your company. What you’re looking for is high-quality content that meets business needs and speaks in an authentic way. Let me tell you, authenticity isn’t always easy to achieve, no matter how easy you think it must be.

Conveying your message in a way that means your audience actively wants to engage with you is a skill that takes some mastering.

It’s our job to help you stop struggling with the learning curve that comes with producing the right content that targets the audience you want to attract. Once you’ve got that part nailed, it’s all about the visuals, and that’s fun right?

See us as collaborators because we know a thing or two about what it takes to produce and action corporate video content.