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How to Prepare for Filiming your Business

Let's say you're a B2B firm or a quieter brand, about to embark on a video project. And you want to know how to approach it well. These guides will help you quickly get a grip of what's involved, whether you're a first timer or a seasoned pro.

  1. OPEN WITH WARMTH For most B2B firms, closing a sale is easy, it's opening that's hard - so invest your visual proof there. And open as warmly as you can - it wil set you apart from functional competitors.
  2. BE PRACTICAL AND HELPFUL Kindness helps buyers - offering helpful ideas or a generous spirit builds trust. So think like your buyer - and scratch that itch.
  3. BE REVEALING Work is beautiful - when we see others at work, we feel inspired. So don't be lateral, don't be vague. Be revealing in every video.
  4. VISUALISE EVERYTHING Visual inspiration drives emotion, and that influences buying decisions. Look at all the sites you love - they're not visually dull are they?
  5. AVOID PUFFERY Trust is everything - it's the most valuable emotion our buyers can feel: it changes their behaviour. So be truthful, authentic, say how hard it is to do what you do.
  6. REPEAT YOUR FACTS Hard facts build belief, and the unadorned truth approach builds this king emotion. 56% tells us you're honest. 93% suggests you're not. Use your facts carefully.
  7. BRING EXPERTS FORWARD Audiences like heroes - quiet, determined experts who getthings done. Their compelling stories deserve recognition.

As marketing film-makers, we believe that ideas, pitches, demos - even facts and logical arguments - are best expressed creatively, because they engage more. Agree? Then call us and let's get to work!